Rules of Engagement


TDX API supports FIX version 4.4. For further information about this version please refer to the specifications published by the FIX Protocol Organization


Connection type

Connection to TDX FIX API engine is available over the Internet via a Cloudflare tunnel. Please contact us for further details.

Hours of operations

By default: Mon-Friday 09:00 - 17:00 CET during Swiss business days.

Sequence number Reset

Sequence numbers on all marketdata and trading sessions are reset at every successful login.

Security and authentication

TDX uses Cloudflare tunnel to secure the FIX sessions and will provide you with all necessary details


For better separation of marketdata and trading, clients need to establish two separate FIX connections
(with two separate login credentials) to the TDX API FIX Server, one for marketdata and one for trading.


As defined in the FIX protocol, TDX API FIX server is using two different data levels: Session and Application.
The Session level handles the delivery of data and the Application level defines the business-related data content.
The following session and application messages are supported by TDX API FIX Engine: